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This page is designed to give our parents some useful information, present a flavour of life in the nursery and show off some of the children’s art work and other achievements. Please let us know if you have any additional ideas you’d like us to consider for this area of the website.
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Upcoming Events/Activities:

3-5 Room
 Trips to Quarrymill throughout August, September and October.
 Music Express with Victoria on Monday and Friday mornings (ongoing)
 Visits from People in the Community starting with a Police Woman in September
 Zoolab - Senses and Textures October and December Visits
 Trip to Ferguson Gallery November TBC
Christmas Puppet Show Party 13th December - The Gingerbread Man
Visits from Santa in December
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2-3’s gallery
3-5’s gallery
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2-3 Room
Visit by librarian from Scone Library
Rhyme-time Activities
Potato Planting
Visits from Santa in December

Baby Room
Walks to the Duck Pond
Outdoor Play in Garden
Song Time
Sensory Play