3-5 room
Taking the themes from the 2-3 room, the 3-5 room will continue to promote independence and build confidence as well as supporting your child to develop social interaction skills of co-operation, sharing and caring.

The room offers lots of different areas and activities and gives the children a host of learning opportunities to develop in the areas set out in the Curriculum for Excellence.

The main thrust of the room is to encourage active learning. This means providing opportunities for children to discover and explore, not only with adult support, but also a sense of freedom that accommodates individual and independent learning. Activity areas include:

• Science and Discovery               • Art and Craft
• Imaginative Play                        • Numeracy    
• Story Corner                             • Construction 
• Computing                                  • Music 
• Puzzles and Games                     • Physical
• Drawing and Writing                  • Outdoor Play    
• Sand and Water Play 

Pre-school Children
The nursery is in partnership with Perth & Kinross Council. Pre-school funding can be accessed once your child turns 3. For details on how to take advantage of this, please contact the nursery.